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The world is getting more dangerous for animals and their habitats.
Donate now to protect them.

Photo © Donal Boyd

Photo © Donal Boyd

The problems animals face are growing larger and more complex everyday. More wildlife crime and online trafficking. More ocean noise. More powerful storms. Thousands of elephants are killed for their ivory every year. Countless dogs and cats are lacking basic veterinary needs and shelter. We believe that every animal matters.

With your help, IFAW is on the ground in Africa, Asia, and around the world, to protect vulnerable animals like elephants, koalas, tigers, and more from poachers and illegal wildlife trade. We are in the oceans, rescuing dolphins, whales, seals and other marine life from entanglement and other hazards of commercial fishing. Your support will save animals and make the world a better place for all of us to thrive.

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Your generosity supports fresh thinking and bold action for animals around the world. We will put it to use where it’s needed most.

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