you can help ifaw put an end to the misery of the cub handling industry: donate today

you can help ifaw put an end to the misery of the cub handling industry: donate today

The number of tigers held in captivity in America alone is larger than the world’s remaining wild population. Those captive big cats are deprived of even their most basic needs, like adequate nutrition, stimulation and care. IFAW helps legitimate sanctuaries work together to do more for big cats in need.

For big cats in the wild, habitat loss, poaching and illegal trafficking are constant threats that IFAW is working to tackle across the world, from the Horn of Africa to South America.

Make your donation today and help us protect big cats and animals in need around the world.

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Minimum payment £5.00.

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Your generosity supports fresh thinking and bold action for animals around the world. We will put it to use where it’s needed most.

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