dolphins in danger – you can help!- $19 a month

dolphins in danger – you can help!- $19 a month

When a dolphins strands, it will die unless people like us take action.

When a dolphins strands, it will die unless people like us take action.

Our Marine Mammal Rescue team been working overtime. It's exhuasting pulling dolphins a mile through waist deep mud. Problem is our rescue supplies are being exhuasted too,

because when our Stranding Hotline rings with the report of an animal in distress, we rush out to save them. The strandings never stop so we need a constant stream of support to help the animals.

For example, a monthly gift of $10 could help us buy IV bags to transmit vital fluids to animals. Support from donors like you means we're able to to restock our mobile marine rescue clinic with life-saving supplies such as:

  • dolphin stretchers for the journey back to freedom
  • blood-analysis kits and IV bags to deliver vital treatment
  • heart rate monitors to assess the health of dolphins
  • satelite tags and drone equipment to save whales

That's why today, we're challenging you to seriously consider making a monthly gift commitment of $19 a month as an IFAW sustainer.

As an IFAW sustainer, your monthly gift will help save stranded dolphins and so much more! You'll be directly supporting animal welfare efforts around the globe.

Together we'll save stranded dolphins, rescue entagled whales, fight for the survival of endagered whales, reduce ocean noise pollution, win our global fight to end commercial seal and whale hunts, save sea turtles, and protect animals in need.

Thank you for being part of the rescue!

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Your generosity supports fresh thinking and bold action for animals around the world. We will put it to use where it’s needed most.

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